Buttons, buckles and accessories
for garment

Style is trendy… always

Castelplast was founded in the early 70’s in the “Valcalepio Valley” near Bergamo . The three brothers Giovanelli were the founders of a small workshop and they started to produce the first buttons and buckles in the backyard of their home. Their tenacity and commitment lead the company to become a leader among the manufactures of buttons and garment accessories.

The key factor of Castelplast is to monitor the complete production process of the buttons , from the initial idea, to the finished product.

The complete production process is managed inside the Company. CAD design, mould development, injection moulding process and QC are all monitored by our experts. Castelplast can boast a 10.000 squared meters top-rated production plant, where High production capacity, Quality and Innovation enables the Company to reach unexpected goals in this competitive sector. This basic features makes it possible to speed up the production processes.


Since 2009, Castelplast decides to reduce its carbon footprint by installing a 72Kw photovoltaic system, to cover 15% of its energy needs. Furthermore, Castelplast’s green commitment is aiming at renovate the old technology machinery by installing the latest new generation machines.